Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring Cleaning-WDCC Style

Why is it that we are compelled to do some extra cleaning when it's spring? I'm not a slob by any means. But I think after the long winter, and the sun starting have some extra time to shine through the windows, you see what having a fireplace does to one's home.

Then I look at the curios. My goodness! I used all my energy to decorate for the holidays. Now it's time to sing a happy tune and clean all that glass!

I don't have woodland friends to help me, nor would I want that for this task. I'm always fearful when I clean my eight curios that I'm going to break something. But then another feeling starts to permeate me: nostalgia.

When I look at my Walt Disney Classics Collection (and those with a sharp eye will see Grand Jester Studios and Robert Olszewski pieces), I see not only the piece, but so many fond memories of friends, conventions, trips, exciting conversations of anticipated pieces, the thrill of the hunt finding that lowest number of the numbered limited edition (NLE) piece. I think about the detailing. The hours of craftmanship and research that went into every piece. And of course, I think about the animated feature or short that inspired the piece.

WDCC is more than about the piece. It's about the community, the friendships, the lifelong bonds it created. That's why the line was is so special to my friends who collect it and me. 

Oh, and if you're going to ask if those eight curios showcase my entire collection, the answer is no. I could fill at least another 10 curios. No lie.

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