Saturday, September 7, 2013

Disney Infinity Toys R Us Event

On Tuesday, September 3, 2013, I posted about the exclusive Disney Infinity Power Disc event at Toys R Us.

Well, I was ready to brave the crowds of kids and Disney Infinity geeks. Not wanting to be too early, I decided to show up a half hour early. [Insert chirping cricket noises here.]

To my surprise, there weren't any crowds. In fact, I was the first one there. The store team members were running around, so I asked a guy named Phil where I should line up or expect the event to be. He wasn't quite sure, so he checked with a manager, who told me they would be setting up a table as soon as another store event ended. So they would probably start a few minutes late.

I looked around the store to kill a little time, and came back to see someone ahead of me. Oh well, at least I was second in line. But of course you know how crowds get. As the clocked ticked away, a few more people showed up, and it was hard to see a 'line'. The panic meter was armed, but didn't go off yet.

So then another team member arrived with this tiny box. She opened it up and started counting. I could hear her say to Phil and the manager, "They only sent us 19 packets for the event. Why only 19?" She did the same thing I started doing: counting heads in the crowd. Turns out there were 10 of us and 19 packets, but now the panic meter did go up. Would they limit the amount of discs to be distributed?

Phil could probably sense the look of panic on our faces and in our eyes, so he did a great job calming us down. 2 minutes to go. The lady said something to us that made it sound like these were free. Some people cheered, but then Phil and the manager corrected her by saying we'd have to pay for it. That's okay.

1 minute to go. This guy in the crowd asked the Toys R Us crew how they wanted us to line up. They didn't answer, but he said to me,"I think you were ahead of me." I was and I appreciated the fact that he knew that and didn't try to jump in like some other collectors.

30 seconds. Would they limit the discs? Like sprinters at the Olympics, we all took our places. 10 of us and only three of them. We could take them on. Now they had the look of panic in their eyes. The manager finally said, "Okay, we're only going to give out one packet per family!", and we collectively relaxed our stance. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2...

The exclusive limited packets started to be handed out to us. We were calm and they were too. They also gave us a Power Disc Checklist and a bunch of coupons good for Disney Infinity merchandise. Since I have all the figures, I went for the 40% off all other Disney Infinity merchandise. I could pick up a few extra things like another exclusive Power Disc album.

Then I spied the messenger bag to hold figures, discs and the base. I really wanted this, but why? I don't have a system that's portable. But hey, it's a bag, and at 40% off, I could find a use for it. Into the cart it went.

Distracted by shopping, I momentarily forgot about my disc. I overheard someone say something about getting a Mike's Car disc.  Oh oh. Maybe the 19 packets they received weren't all Tron disc. I quickly made my purchase with Phil, and made my way outside of the store.  Fumbling with the packet, which disc would I possess?

See for yourself.

Next time I will show up early and stay in line. People probably got wise that the two-hour event was over in seconds.

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