Sunday, September 15, 2013

Coming Soon (Hopefully!): More Disney Infinity Power Disc

The past two days I finally played the Toy Box edition in Disney Infinity. All I can say (again) is WOW! There are some fun games in the Toy Box.

Without getting totally into, there's one feature I wanted to share because apparently no one has is the Hall of Heroes. Whenever your Disney Infinity figure earns medals in games, or you use any of the power discs, they become part of the Hall of Heroes.

The more you do in the Play Sets, as well as games in the Toy Box, the more your Hall of Heroes builds up.

When you put your discs in, they become part of the floor decoration in the Hall. Not only have I seen all the power discs that are currently out, but you can see others that must be coming in the future!

There were a few we've already seen in promotions, but I can't believe the Disney Infinity community has talked about these! Here are two that have me totally excited and hoping we may see a Fantasia Play Set!

There's one that my friend, Don, might be interested in seeing. Could this be the piece that gets him hooked? (Probably not!)

I also played the limited edition Crystal Lightning McQueen for the first time. I haven't really seen any pictures of the character on screen, so I'm posting a couple pictures of him. They are fuzzy because the character wouldn't stay in a front view and kept spinning around. But this gives you an idea of what the Crystal versions will look like. They have the same adventures as their 'regular' counterparts.

What you see in the background is the Castle background, but with both the Rapunzel/Tangled power discs. I really like the Alice in Wonderland discs!

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