Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Happy 58th Birthday, Disneyland!

Any Disney geek will tell you what happened on July 17, 1955. It's a day that changed theme parks, attractions, and truthfully, the world. It's the day Disneyland opened. Sure that first day didn't start of as magical as Walt had hoped. You've all read the stories about no drinking fountains (he wisely opted for restrooms instead) and women's heels getting stuck in the asphalt on Main Street. But soon, all that would be forgotten.

Sure, many people these days think of Disneyland's sister Park in Florida, but to me, and to many others, Disneyland is and always will remain special because it was the original. Walt walked through the Park, a point that still hasn't be lost on me every time I did and do walk through the Park. Now we have so much more to celebrate at the Disneyland Resort, too.

I was going through some recent PhotoPass CDs for a fun picture to post on Facebook for my profile and cover to celebrate the day, and I decided to post a few more here.

Happy 58th, Disneyland!

As your bonus picture, here is a copy of what was sent out and signed by Walt inviting you to his new Kingdom. Can you imagine receiving this invitation?!?

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