Sunday, July 28, 2013

Boating on the St Croix

A friend and his wife offered to take me out on their boat today since they were trying out retirement for a week (AKA: staycation) Who am I to turn them down?

Let me start out by saying that the trip almost didn't happen. Leave it to the continued wacky weather we're having this short Minnesota summer for it to pick the same weekend we picked to go boating for it to be cold.

Fortunately, the weather quickly warmed up, not a heat wave as it should be this time of the year, but warm enough to enjoy the St Croix River.

Part of the fun I had was looking at all the names of boats. Of course this one struck my sci-fi geekness chord. This vessel boldly goes. (Apparently owned by a three-time divorcee)

The St Croix is a tributary of the Mighty Mississippi Rive, and it serves as a border between Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Little islands dot the river, so it reminds me of a time where Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn rafted down the Mississippi. People still camp out on these islands. In fact, here's a modern-day Tom, Huck and Becky. Well, kind of.

Of course you can't go boating without some liquid refreshments. Since it was an early day, it was perfect for Mimosas! (As well a few other drinks) But we had a laugh about the warning on top of the champagne bottle.

We also had a good laugh at the five-step warning/instructions on how to open the bottle.

All, in all, it was a fun day. Although I'm sure Thurston Howell III wouldn't approve of my wardrobe.

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