Saturday, February 16, 2008

Let the Good Times (Egg) Roll

Most of my friends know what kind of a germ freak I am. There are some local Asian restaurants that you take your own life in your hands should you eat there, and others that are clean enough for me to venture in and partake of the buffet. The Asian Buffet falls in the latter category.

So after my weekly grocery shopping routine, the Asian Buffet was calling my name. In fact, you could say I was having a "yen" for Chinese. (Sorry about that)
At any rate, as I was enjoying my Peking Chicken, I noticed a girl around the age of eight who was piling up her plate as if it was her last meal. Her egg roll, which was perched precariously on the mountain of food on her plate, started to pitch and roll; so of course it was no surprise that it wound up on the floor.

To my horror, she picked it up off the floor and placed it back on her plate. Now earlier I mentioned that this place was clean, but I certainly wouldn't eat off the floor. There's no "five-second" rule when people walk around with their dirty shoes and, well, let's not go there.
I suppose I should be thankful that she didn't put it back in the buffet trays. Makes you think twice about buffets.

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