Friday, January 25, 2008


Usually on my bus ride to and from work, I entertain myself by either reading or listening to my iPod. Today, however, I was "entertained" by a conversation two guys were having towards the back of the bus.

Apparently, the one guy was giving the other guy advice about the whole DUI and house arrest process. The "seasoned vet" had apparently had, according to him (and his knowledge of the conversation), eight or nine DUIs.

The other guy was complaining that he wasn't getting his truck back and that the whole process was so expensive. This was his third DUI, and this time it was because he had worked a long day, didn't eat, and only went out after work for a few beers.

The DUI guri told the other one to be good in jail so that he could get out early for good behavior. He should also be prepared to receive calls from his parole officer at all hours of the day and night, and to have to say something humiliating like "I-O-U-U-O-I" when answering the phone to identify them, as if the ankle bracelet wasn't enough.

For about 20 minutes the conversation went on, and I was torn between listening to a Disney podcast or this trainwreck of a conversation. From the looks of my blog, you know which won out.

The pro got out at his stop and we traveled on in silence until I got to my stop, and I was left to ponder how wrong and sad that people in our society could gain the knowledge these two had, as well as myself for not turning around and saying, "I've had three friends who were killed by drunk drivers. At what point have you not learned your lesson?"

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