Wednesday, January 23, 2008

An Incredibles Story of A Bug's Finding Life

So with a title like that, you know it has to be something about Pixar.

Well, since I've taken on a director's job at work, I'm not out on the road week after week. That's actually added to my delinquency at posting timely blogs, believe it or not. To that end, now I'm having to go back in time to relive some of my travel tales.

What better way to start than with one of my trips to Northern California. I was working at a customer site when I noticed they had a connect at Pixar. My customer knew about my love of Disney, so she was able to "hook me up" with her contact at Pixar for a private tour!

I spent a good portion of a Thursday afternoon seeing all sorts of lovely treasures that I wish I could have fit in my suitcase. Many of the behind-the-scenes you see on the "extras" DVDs are places I was able to walk, see and experience.

And because Don and I have been talking about Disney DVDs for almost a day, I thought I'd share a shelf in one of my curios that is my Pixar tribute, complete with DVDs to enhance that shelf. If you look carefully, you'll see one of my prized treasures from that trip: a Pixar business card!

Yes, I'm missing Monsters, Inc. from my display, but I also need Cars and Ratatouille! (Hint! Hint!)

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