Saturday, November 7, 2015

Neighborhood Gem: Doyle Street Cafe

I needed a break after planning my work's annual company-wide event and before hosting our Chicago office's open house. So why not go to San Francisco? It's been 11 years since the last time I was there, and that was far too long.

Because of pricing, and one other reason you'll see why soon, the hotel I chose to stay was in Emeryville, across the Bay. You see, when the lights go down in the City, and the sun shines on the Bay. Do I want to be there in my city? Okay. I'll stop, but I'm sure you have that earworm going in your head now. usual, I was starving in the morning. Nothing new there. Likewise, without knowing where to head, I pulled up Yelp to find a place to eat. Doyle Street Cafe was nearby and so I thought, why not? Wow! I'm glad I did stop by, because this is totally a neighborhood gem!

Bordering a neighborhood and a quasi-industrial area, this cafe isn't large, but it's big on service and flavors. One of many reasons I miss my home state. John was the server and he was awesome. I was torn between Joe's Eggs and the Wet Breakfast Burrito. John asked me, "How hungry are you?" I replied, "I'm totally hungry!", so he recommended the Breakfast Burrito.

It was filled with chicken chenzo sausage, cilantro, tomatillo sauce....Wait. Let me just show you.

The fresh avocado was worth the price of admission alone. I was having a fiesta in my mouth! I didn't even attempt to eat the most of the potatoes, because after seeing that monster burrito, I knew I couldn't finish it, no matter how hungry I was.

So if you're ever in the neighborhood, check out Doyle Street Cafe. It's so worth it. Do I have to tell you it's located on Doyle Street?

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