Monday, November 16, 2015

Is Ornament Day A New National Holiday?

My friend, Don, and I have been a bit obsession with this Disney Sketchbook Ornament series that's been going on for a couple of years now. One of us has less self-control than the other (Guess who?)

Just as in past years, this year has some cool and memorable characters. Disney doesn't release the ornaments on the same day each month, so you constantly have to look. Trust us. We've missed out on a few ornaments we really wanted. (Yes, we know about eBay.)

I've been checking most of November, and finally today, I struck gold with Cheshire Cat! Don was thinking about getting this ornament for his daughter. For me, Cheshire Cat has always been a favorite character. Many of my friends say that I remind them of this playful cat, usually because of the smile. I'm sure the round belly and snarkiness he exhibits add to the resemblance. I'll own it. I can't stand on my own head, however.

Click here to view this year's Sketchbook Ornament Collection.

While I was shopping for Cheshire Cat, I found this really cool Mickey and Minnie Park series of ornaments! I would love to get them all, but I 'started' with my favorite. Who knows? I may add a few more. They really are cute!
Click here to visit to browse through more ornaments...or get these Mickey and Minnie Park Series ornaments!

So as if these two ornaments weren't enough for me, I was so lucky to have a coworker give me this ornament! It's from EPCOT's 2015 Food & Wine Festival. If you don't know, I'm a huge fan of Figment (Who isn't?!?). So this ornament will hold a special spot on the tree this year. Heck, all of these ornaments will!

Click here to view more of the 2015 Food & Wine Festival merchandise.

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