Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Force Was With Me

You know how it is once you are home, you don't feel like going out again? Typically that happens to me during the work week and for sure during the long Midwest winters. Last week, I saw this flyer when I was at my local Barnes & Noble. It sounded good at the time, but by Friday, I was psyching myself up not to go. I mean, 7:00 PM? I used to stay out that late in my younger days. Beside, I don't like coming home after the sun sets.

After a late start Saturday and running around, I was out until 6:30 PM. Then it hit me: it's summer, and the sun won't set for some time! Since I was out, I figured, eh, why not go? I am so glad I went. Dan Wallace is one of the authors of a new book entitled, 'Ultimate Star Wars'. If you have the three-volume Star Wars Encyclopedia set (I do!),  it's very similar. However, and I asked this question of Dan, the book which he co-authored now follows the new Star Wars canon. Without getting too geeky and confusing non-fans, there were many versions of the Star Wars...well, universe. When Lucasfilm was acquired by Disney, they decided to start with a clean slate as they moved forward. So this book includes the six current motion pictures, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels.

Before Dan was introduced, a Barnes & Noble employee told us there was a table with lots of freebies on it. I took a look, and there were some pretty good treasures to be had! I made sure to only take a couple of items, including this very stylish bag.

Oh, and this cool poster, too...
(I love the line at the bottom. I'm so using that!)

Oh, and I needed this for my cool, stylish bag. But I digress. They also started the night out with Star Wars trivia. It was difficult! I missed a bunch and didn't win the prize. That's okay. Then it was time for the guest speaker to be introduced.

As you can see (kind of), the audience was mostly younger kids under the age of 10. I really admire Dan, because he included them to participate, and gave a brilliant message to them, as well as to the adults: find a job that you like and can have fun. He explained how he liked writing and loves Star Wars and action heroes. Now he has a job that incorporates that. He made sure not to talk over their heads, but also made the talk interesting and fun for the rest of us. 

He answered my geeky question about writing this book and having difficulty with the new canon. Dan said starting with a clean slate is exciting and of all the partnerships that could have occurred with Lucasfilm, partnering with Disney was probably the best. I agreed with him and said both a great storytellers, and we agreed that too much is at stake to do something completely stupid that would alienate fans.

So if all that wasn't awesome enough, Dan even autographed my copy for me!

So am I glad I decided to stay out past my bedtime? Um, YEAH!!!

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