Monday, October 13, 2014

Rebel Yell

Okay, most people know that not only am I a Disney Geek, but I'm also a Star Wars Geek. My friends would just say I'm a geek all the way around. Okay, I own that.

I, like many fans, was so disappointed when they canceled Star Wars: The Clone Wars. But we know 'All Good Things Must Come to an End.' (Sci-Fi fans will know I just committed a taboo: I used a title from 'Star Trek' to talk about something 'Star Wars'. I'm an equal-opportunity Sci-Fi Geek!).

Anyway, with talk of the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII, coming in 2015 to a theatre near you, there was talk about several spin-offs. One that came to fruition was Star Wars Rebels. This is set between Episodes III and IV, and focuses on the rise of the Empire and the birth of the rebellion (in case you weren't able to gather that from the title).

As I was watching the premiere, I was immediately hooked! No surprise there. There were some scenes that were so well animated, they looked like real shots. You can see that whenever you see the TIE Fighters and Star Destroyers as well as many of the Stormtrooper scenes.

The style is vastly different than Clone Wars, and that's okay. I thought it would bother me at first, but the story is sound and I can't wait for some character development. I love the Mandalorian, Sabine, and the Twi'lek, Hera. Kanan Jarrus has a very important role too.

Check it out. I'm sure I'll be posting a lot more about this.

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