Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Work of (He)Art

This past summer, I discovered a 'new local artist'...well, at least for me.

Dan Mondloch is a talent who hails from St. Cloud, Minnesota. His work is primarily in watercolors, but has different works and mediums. I purchased a work from Dan in September depicting a familiar location in St. Cloud. We had some playful banter about the location, and that sealed the deal for me. The piece now has its own story for me.

Today while I was in St. Cloud on business, Dan was gracious enough to invite me to his studio. I even was able to meet his faithful companion, Ruby. She gave us a scare by chewing on an Exacto knife, but thankfully, she didn't chew on the blade. Oops. I probably should have mentioned that Ruby is the family dog and not Dan's wife!

Anyway, when I was looking through his work, I found a piece entitled, 'Outside Creede, Colorado', which is about four hours from my family in Colorado Springs. I love the colors in this work, wouldn't you agree?

Be sure to keep an eye on this talented artist. I'm sure we'll be seeing his work in more art shows throughout the Midwest.

Click on the picture below to seen an enlarge version of Dan's work.

Visit Dan's website by clicking here. And be sure to 'Like' Dan's Facebook page!

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