Friday, November 15, 2013

It's Official Over

After 20 years, it's officially over. We knew the day was coming. Part of me is sad, and at the same time, part of me is glad.

The Walt Disney Classics Collection had a fantastic run, but yesterday, Precious Moments made the announcement that the line is officially being retired. It's hard to imagine that I, along with many other friends, will no longer be able to add to our collections.

Sure, I should be happy with the hundreds (Yes, hundreds) of boxes and pieces I have, but it's been more than just collecting. It's been about the life-long friendships I made along the way. It's about the fond memories of all the conventions I attended. It's about searching for and finding that Holy Grail. For over 20 years, it's been my life.

While that's the sad part, the glad part is that they made the right decision to retire the Collection on a high note and with dignity. Some of the crap (Sorry about the non-Disney word) that they were trying to showcase under the WDCC Brand was beyond sad, and quite frankly, crappy.

So this post is dedicated to all the great Disney friends I've continued to make over the years, and especially to Don, who is so diligent by keeping a website and a blog dedicated to keeping collectors informed about the line as well as being a liaison and spokesperson back to Disney about what collectors wanted to see. 

Life will go on, but each time I look at my WDCC pieces, I will continue fun times and great friends.

To read more about the announcement and to post your favorite memories, visit the Duckman's Blog. See more about my collection at My Circle of Life.


Duckman said...

Very sad indeed Tim! Thanks as always for your friendship, kind words and support. This is what collecting is truly about!

Bruce Sandefur said...

Wow... I feel your pain and understand your relief..

Bruce Sandefur said...

It was a great ride tho....

Timon said...

Thanks Don! And I agree. Bittersweet, but gaining lasting friendships makes it all worth it.

And thank you too, Bruce! We'll have to meet up on PlayStation some time! (You'll have to tell me how that works) :-)