Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ships of Epic Proportion

Well, since I'm on the sci-fi geek roll, I might as well keep going.

Today I found out some very cool news. Eaglemoss Collections will be releasing more than 65 die-cast models of Star Trek spaceships!

Eaglemoss Collections has released other collectibles, but I sure hope they do one with the entire batch of Star Wars ships. There's lots of details on these, and the price point is reasonable. You can collect them individually, or get the whole set. A new ship is released every two weeks and includes a magazine. You get a couple of other perks, too. Check out the website here.

While you're there, click on the five ships they have available for additional views. You can see the ship in 360 degrees, as well as view from above and below. I probably won't be getting the whole set, but I'll get my fair share. 

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