Thursday, May 16, 2013

I'm With Stupid

Who knew that one our most beloved and expressive articles of clothing is turning 100 this year? I sure didn't. Apparently the birth of the t-shirt began in 1913 as the US Navy issued crewneck t-shirts to be worn under uniforms.

Whether it's worn without design, a la James Dean, or with some type of design to express yourself, like Frankie telling you to relax, no wardrobe is complete without a t-shirt.

It was fun looking at the 100 most iconic t-shirts as chosen by CustomInk.  But can you believe that Mickey placed 31st? I would have ranked him much higher! (Of course)

Check out more about the 100th anniversary of the t-shirt at CustomInk. Be sure to check out the timeline and leave a comment!

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