Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Love My Mother...Earth!

Happy Earth Day!

On Monday, I popped into the Disney Store to buy myself a 100% organic t-shirt to wear on Earth Day. Not that I'm the "tree-hugger" my sister thinks I am, but it's fun to get into these "Hallmark Holidays" (Am I overusing the "quotes''?)

Anyway, they told me that if I came back on Wednesday with three plastic bottles, I'd get a special prize. So I told a few friends, and Jennifer and Adam went with me to the Disney Store on Earth Day.

The prize was you got a cool water bottle! Ironic that you bring in three bottles and they give you one. I also purchased the bag in the picture below, because Disney will plant a tree for every bag sold, and now I have a new bag for groceries. I also picked up another neat Mickey bag.

So what did the Disney Geek look like on Earth Day? You decide.

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