Monday, August 7, 2017

Hitting the Bottle

My new bottle stoppers arrived today, and I think they are fantastic!

I've been working with Rory, from Floating Water. He has a shop on Etsy. I found something really cool, if not a little morbid, for Star Wars fans. Rory makes bottle stoppers out of Star Wars figures!

After some back-and-forth messaging, I asked if he could also make a custom stopper for me, and he said he could. So besides ordering Luke, I asked Rory to make another bottle stopper for me.

Some of you may recognize the irony of why I asked him to make me a Darth Maul stopper. Rory has to cut the figures in half in order to make the stopper. Which other Star Wars character deserves to be cut in half, especially since he was cut in half? Sadly, when I asked if he could take Maul's legs and make a matching topper, Rory said he couldn't because the legs are too narrow.

Luke is pretty cool, too.

So head over to Floating Water on Etsy and order yours today!

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