Thursday, July 17, 2014

Happy 59th Birthday, Disneyland!

I'm sure most people are waiting until next year to make a big deal about it, but every Disneyland birthday is a big deal for me!  So in honor of the day, here are some #TBT pictures of past Disneyland birthdays.

The first two are from the 30th birthday on July 17, 1985. Boy, that was a busy day at the Park, full of Guests and media! From the Gift Giver Extraordinaire, I received a ton of buttons and a Mickey plush, but no big win. Just like in Vegas.

This shot is from the 50th birthday on July 17, 2005. That was a great celebration!

And lest we forget, today also marks the 25th anniversary of Splash Mountain at Disneyland! Here's a picture of when I was on the opening crew, and what was affectionately called the 'Tim Pig' for some reason.

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