Sunday, June 23, 2013


Any Disney collector will tell you that one of the biggest challenges to collecting is when to stop storage.

Fortunately for me, there was a storage unit near the apartment complex where I used to live. I started out by renting a 5' x 10', which was 50 square feet, as extra storage.

I moved out of this unit because I was able to get a garage at the apartment complex. But when I moved around the block to a condo that had even less storage, I came back to the storage facility, which had been bought out by a national company by this point.

Because I had even less storage space, I opted for the 5' x 15', which is 75 square feet. I need a place for extra Disney art, cels, and over course, all those Walt Disney Classics Collections green boxes.

After being in this space for over three years, this weekend I decided it was time to move into the 10' x 10', which is 100 square feet. The problem was I had transfer units by the end of the day. It took me over six hours to move from one unit to the other. I'm sore all over.

Now, I've discovered it's time to start purging some stuff I really don't need. I have so many Christmas ornaments, I could decorate several trees. It doesn't help I already have two Christmas trees. I won't be getting rid of any of my Walt Disney Classics Collection pieces, to be sure. And something else I learned, was that Grand Jester Studio boxes multiple as fast as WDCC green boxes. Every time I turned around,  a black box popped up.

Time to reorganize and purge!

PS: Of course this isn't all of my stuff. I still have a closet full of green boxes at home!


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