Friday, August 19, 2011

D23 Expo

What a cluster! This was not one of the best or organized Disney event I've attended, and I've attended many. Many of the events I wanted to see were filled/closed because they were at capacity well before the times of the events. Personally, I miss the Walt Disney Art Classics events. I would be willing to pay more for smaller numbers. There were over 40,000 people here for this event, and while I purchased my tickets in advance for three days, many of the events were filled by people who bought a one-day ticket the day of the event. I'm not sure I'll be back.

The best part of the event was meeting up with Disney friends from all over the world, some of whom I haven't seen in many, many years. That was worth the price of admission. Now, how do I get these signs into my suitcase?

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