Monday, May 12, 2008

Mr. Mom?

My sister has four kids, and every time I see her I have the utmost respect for how she manages the family (even though I think she's crazy).

So in between my other chores, I wanted to give her and my brother-in-law a break as well, so Uncle Tim helped out with being Mr. Mom. I drove the kids to school, helped them with their homework projects (can I just say that what they expect parents to do these days is INSANE!), did the cooking and ran errands.

Now I know why I'm single with no kids. I'm too selfish, and will freely admit that. However, the trade off of unconditional love is something I only get a taste of, whereas you parents get this all the time.

Here, my youngest niece is being cute with me as we were driving to the storage unit. Uncle Tim is very proud of her that she knows every Disney princess and their stories, but her knowledge of the classics like The Three Little Pigs and Peter Pan is lacking. Uncle Tim will need to make a return trip soon so he can help illuminate her on these stories.

My family was amazed, but not really, when she was telling stories they could barely understand, but she and I were communicating. I told them that I can't tell if she's getting better at talking, or because I know about Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella better than she does. Right now, Ariel and Tinker Bell are her favorites. She wanted to leave the house every day in her PJs, so I guess I'll have to head over to The Disney Store to buy her some dresses.

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